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What trends in panel building can we expect for 2024?

The world of panel building is one of constant evolution and innovation. As technology advances, market expectations are increasing. But what trends in panel construction can we expect for 2024? At Gerbin control, an industry leader in producing high-quality electrical panels, we took a look at what the future holds for us.

Table of Contents

The rise of advanced electrical components

The importance of electrical components cannot be overemphasized in the world of panel construction. Consider, for example, variable speed drives that contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability. These components are not only essential for the operation of modern systems, but also play a crucial role in their optimization.

"The core of any successful panel building lies in the quality and functionality of its electrical components."

We have seen HMI screens and touch panels become increasingly intuitive. This makes the interface between humans and machines smoother. Have you ever wondered exactly what an HMI screen is or how a touch panel works? The technology behind these screens is fascinating and continues to evolve at a rapid pace.








The role of software in panel building

Software engineering is playing an increasing role in panel construction. Systems are becoming smarter, more integrated and more connected. This requires software that is not only robust, but also flexible and adaptable. PLC control is an excellent example of this. For those wondering what exactly PLC control is, it is the backbone of many industrial systems, allowing machines and processes to operate efficiently.

Safety remains paramount

At Gerbin control, safety has always been our top priority. From correctly connecting a variable speed drive to handling explosive atmospheres, every aspect of our production is focused on ensuring safety.

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Adapting to changing standards

Another important trend in panel construction is the continuous adaptation to international standards and certifications. At Gerbin control, we are proud of our UL certification for electrical panels. It is essential for any panel construction company to understand the types of panel construction and how they relate to the requirements of the UL standard. By being a UL Listed Panel Shop, we assure our customers of the highest quality standards.

Custom panel construction

The ability to personalize and customize remains a strong trend in panel construction. From customized switchgear cabinets to the specific requirements of rittal cabinets, customers now expect solutions tailored precisely to their needs. Moreover, with the growing complexity of industrial systems, the role of a cabinet builder plays a crucial role in realizing these customized solutions.

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Sustainability and energy efficiency

The emphasis on green technologies and sustainability will only increase. We have already seen how variable speed drives contribute to energy efficiency. But future trends go beyond that. With the growing emphasis on renewable energy sources and the need to conserve energy, panel construction companies will be challenged to design solutions that are both efficient and environmentally friendly.

"The future of panel construction is one of innovation, personalization and most importantly, sustainability."

Collaboration and partnerships

One trend that should not be overlooked is the growing emphasis on collaboration and partnerships within the industry. This is not only limited to panel builders, but also extends to suppliers and end users. By working together, companies can create synergies, share knowledge and jointly develop innovative solutions. The benefits of outsourcing work to panel construction companies are a prime example.