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Electrical Components

Welcome to Gerbin Control, your partner in building high quality industrial automation panels. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing customized solutions for our customers. In addition to our extensive services, we also offer a wide range of electrical components, including variable speed drives, HMI screens and much more.

Our electrical components are carefully selected to meet our customers’ requirements, especially for applications in Gerbin Control. Whether you want to build a new machine or upgrade an existing one, our components are reliable, efficient and suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Moreover, you can turn to Gerbin Control to purchase these components, ensuring the highest quality at a competitive price. Our expert team is always ready to help you choose the right components for your specific application and make sure you get the best solution.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us and find out how Gerbin Control can help you with your next automation project.

Electrical components for mechanical engineering

Like an experienced goldsmith masterfully shaping every detail, Gerbin Control provides high-quality electrical components for your projects. As a flexible team in the world of electrical components, we work quickly and efficiently, without any compromise on quality or durability. Step into our world of technical finesse and discover how we can enrich your mechanical engineering projects with our superior electrical components.


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UL / CSA certification for your home panels.

Electrical components information

19 September
ABB Frequentieregelaars transformeren industriële procescontrole
In de wereld van industriële automatisering vormen frequentieregelaars de brug tussen efficiëntie en innovatie. De ABB frequentieregelaars, een paradepaardje binnen ons assortiment bij Gerbin Control, belichamen deze transformatie. Met een veelzijdig aanbod dat een breed aantal digitale en analoge uitgangen omvat, garanderen deze regelaars precisie in elke fase van uitgang en procesbeheersing. Of het nu…
15 September
Danfoss frequentieregelaars
In het hedendaagse technologische landschap bevindt zich een drijvende kracht die de industriële sector transformeert: Danfoss frequentieregelaars. Deze geavanceerde systemen, aangeboden door Gerbin Control, combineren betrouwbaarheid, efficiëntie en innovatie om topprestaties te leveren in de meest veeleisende omgeving. Van het optimaliseren van de werking van liften tot het garanderen van naadloze integraties in industriële processen,…
11 September
Met Siemens frequentieregelaars efficiëntie en prestaties optimaliseren
Welcome to Gerbin Control, the specialist in industrial automation and panel building. At Gerbin Control, we provide customized solutions and work closely together to create immediate impact. Our expertise lies in providing high-quality panel construction that allows us to efficiently automate and optimize systems and processes. In this article, we dive deeper into the subject…
17 July
The MCC cabinet, also known as Motor Control Centre, is a very important part of the electrical infrastructure within industrial systems. The MCC cabinet provides control and protection of electric motors, equipment and advanced technology. In almost all cases, the cabinet is built with high-quality materials so that this cabinet can withstand extreme external conditions.…
3 July
An AC drive is an electronic device that controls the speed of an electric motor. You use an AC drive to adjust the current sent to the phase motor, changing its speed. This technology is used in numerous applications such as fans, pumps, compressors and conveyors. Using variable speed drives can save energy in the…
20 June
HMI scherm
HMI SCADA stands for Human Machine Interface Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is a powerful control system for industrial processes. HMI SCADA collects data from connected high-performance systems and then visualizes it on a user-friendly interface. This allows employers to identify and resolve problems quickly. The system also features comprehensive analysis and reporting tools…
4 June
A Motor Control Center, also known as an MCC Room, is a valuable space containing electrical components such as switchboards, variable speed drives and transformers. This area is designed to protect against power outages and other factors that could flatten a production process and/or plant. Electrical equipment allows companies to optimize their business processes without…
3 May
PLC control, or Programmable Logic Controller control, is an electronic device that automates production and manufacturing processes, leading to higher productivity and lower costs. This simple building block can provide logical control of machines within a dynamic business. It consists of connected sensors and external controls that work with a central computer to make decisions…
27 April
A 1-phase AC drive is an electronic device used in industrial applications. The controller is used to control the power and speed of a single-phase electric motor. This is done by adjusting the adjustable frequency and voltage of the current to the motor. The use of 1-phase AC drives thereby increases energy efficiency, extends the…
8 April
SCADA systems, or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, are a central tool for remote operation, remote monitoring and control of industrial systems and processes. They consist of sensors and communication channels that collect real-time data from the different number of systems and devices. This required data is processed through a clear interface that allows companies…

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