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Installation and cabling

Our technicians take care of complete wiring of your machine or installation. We set up the control panels, assemble and install the necessary cable routing and installation parts, wire the field components and ensure proper insertion and connection in the control cabinet. Installation work can be carried out both at home and abroad.

Knowledge in electrical engineering, rules and regulations guarantee careful and correct installation of the system.

Installation & Cabling for Mechanical Engineering

As experienced puzzle masters of installation and cabling, Gerbin Control takes a careful and meticulous approach. As an agile team in this sector, we maneuver smoothly and efficiently, without any compromise on quality or sustainability. Enter our world of technical perfection and discover how we can enrich your mechanical engineering projects with outstanding installation and cabling solutions.


Get clarity in cost and flexibility in execution


We understand the urgency of your projects


Committed to a more sustainable future


UL / CSA certification for your home panels.

Installation & Cabling Information

3 July
An AC drive is an electronic device that controls the speed of an electric motor. You use an AC drive to adjust the current sent to the phase motor, changing its speed. This technology is used in numerous applications such as fans, pumps, compressors and conveyors. Using variable speed drives can save energy in the
30 March
Safety is always our number one priority. Electrical safety is therefore also critical when working with electricity. With proper safety measures, you can prevent personal injury, fire and equipment damage. Contact with electricity can cause it to flow through the human body and cause unwanted damage. Therefore, we believe it is important to have the
21 March
If your company works with explosive substances, in the form of gases, vapors, mists or dust then all equipment intended for use in this explosive environment will need to comply with the ATEX 114 directive (2014/34/EU) or possibly IECEx standard outside Europe. Gerbin Control supplies explosion-proof control panels, control cabinets and terminal boxes for Zone1
13 January
Working with machinery and equipment involves safety risks. The European Machinery Directive aims to prevent dangerous situations for employees and imposes requirements on newly built and modified machinery. Machine safety is therefore important in the design and construction of machines and plants in both electrical and mechanical fields. In addition to mechanical measures, risks can

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