Machine safety

Machine safety

Working with machines and installations has safety risks associated with it. The European Machinery Directive aims to prevent hazardous situations for employees and sets requirements for the building of new machines and for the modification of existing machines.

Machine safety is therefore important in the design and construction of machines and installations on both electrical and mechanical levels. In addition to mechanical measures, risks can be reduced by means of electrical equipment such as light curtains, solenoid interlocks and guard switches.

For checking and calculating functional safety, we use the PL (EN ISO 13849) andSIL (EN / IEC 62061) classifications.

Our engineers can advise and assist you with:

  • Performing a risk assessment and evaluation of your machine or installation.
  • Solving safety issues.
  • Developing safety controls.

Gerbin Control utilizes powerful engineering tools with which deep integration and standardization as well data engineering engineering short times can be achieved.