Specialist in the field of industrial
automation and control systems

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Specialist in the field of industrial
automation and control systems

Gerbin Control

Gerbin Control is a specialist in the field of industrial automation and control systems with a focus on engineering and industry.
With a flat, and open organization, we are able to work with customizable and involvement, flexibility and service are of paramount importance.
During the engineering phase, the demands and wishes of our customers translated into a functional design.
In our modern and well equipped workshop control panels / cabinets assembled.
Software largely determines the functionality and efficiency of the system and this is the heart of your machine or plant.
The commissioning is an important part of the project and is the final switch to the correct operation of your machine or plant.
Thanks to our knowledge and experience Gerbin Control often involved in the development process of new plant and machinery.

Gerbin Control utilizes powerful engineering tools with which deep integration and standardization alswel data engineering engineering short times can be achieved

Machine safety

We ensure that your machine/installation controls are in compliance with all current machine safety, CE marking and electrical safety regulations.

North America/Canada

Are you building machines/installations for the North American and/or Canadian market? Then the switchboards must comply with the UL508A.
As a ‘UL/CSA Listed Company’ we build and certify your control according to the latest UL standards.

Explosive atmospheres

Your machine/installation is located in an explosion hazardous space/environment? Gerbin Control delivers certified Ex-operatingsystems for all security areas.


We are always interested in new projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us about your project.

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